The Ambassador Kit V2 is our flagship vaporizer and cartridge package. It features everything you need to vaporize oils/waxes and combust dry herb right out of the box. It's an electronic cigarette, heavy oil vaporizer and dry herb combuster in one setup. During the order process you'll be able to customize it's contents, but we've included a baseline content list here.

Contents and Details:

Double Agent: Our "big" vaporizer (it's actually quite small) has an internal 750 mAh rechargeable battery. It features Pass Through technology so you can vaporize even as it's plugged in and charging. It has 3 adjustable heat settings so you can dial in your preferred heat flavor. It will fit any of our cartridges perfectly along with other 510 thread and even M601 thread cartridges when using our thread adapter.

Espionage: The smaller of the two vaporizers, the Espionage is a more compact option. It will vaporize and combust the same cartridges as the Double Agent but minus the variable heat settings. Again, it is 510 thread like all our vaporizers and cartridges.

V2 Oil Cartridge (Atomizer)*: This is our revolutionary wick-less oil cartridge. It will effectively hold and vaporize oils, waxes and full melts. It is intended for raw THC product (not tincture mixtures) and will hold up to 0.4g. It is reusable and we include instructions on how to prime and fill it in our Solutions guide here:

Dry Herb Cartridge*: This will combust dry herb/flowers. Just pack and smoke!

Mouth Tip: A sleek and sexy stainless steel mouth tip that will fit the V2 Oil Cartridge.

Chargers: We provide a USB wall charger and a Double Agent USB cord for your Double Agent that will allow you to vaporize while charging. In addition the kit includes a charging cord for the Espionage that will work with both vaporizers.

*Note on Cartridges: These are reusable and refillable, however they will burn out after many uses. We sell packs of replacement cartridges on our website.