At Gentleman's Brand we pride ourselves on producing the only wick-less atomizers (oil cartridges) on the market. Big deal, what's wrong with wicks, you may ask? Our competitors' atomizers are designed with a wick to draw juice (oil and wax) from the cartridge to the heating element. After a few uses the wick will start to burn, and you in turn will experience this burnt wick taste when vaporizing.

This is unpleasant, especially when using expensive wax and oil since the taste of the oils is ruined. We love wax and oils and experiencing the finer tastes while vaporizing, so our CEO went to work creating a wick-less atomizer to solve this burnt taste problem.

Instead of a wick, our atomizers have a complex coil design made of Nickel-Chrome 60/40 (the same quality used in dental implants). While not as long-lasting as wick designs, we feel the enjoyment of tasting your wax all the way through the life span of the cartridge makes up for it. We've continually improved upon the design, and we hope to lengthen the life and durability further with each design iteration.

Besides our revolutionary cartridges, we also offer arguably the sleekest, sexiest vaporizer pens on the market. Our Double Agent fits even the largest cartridges beautifully, and our THC Stick V2 Micro is the world's smallest hash oil vaporizer. They work beautifully with any of our cartridges and glass globes, and will also fit 510 thread cartridges from other vendors and even M601 thread cartridges when using our thread adapter.