We are working on adding YouTube videos to bring you a visual guide on how to prime and fill your Mega V2 Oil and V2 Oil cartridges. They will soon be available on our channel here:

We apologize for the lack of video instructions, we are working on these right now and they'll be on our YouTube channel soon. For now we offer a detailed guide here:

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V2 Oil Cartridge Instructions:

Warning: Failure to prime the cartridge will cause permanent damage.


1.Remove the anodized aluminum mouth tip from the cartridge.

2.Scrape 0.1 grams of oil on to a paper clip or filling tool.

3.Position the fill tool so that the oil is directly above the center of the cartridge.

4.Gently heat the oil with a lighter until it begins to liquify. Drip 2 drops(0.1g) of

oil on to the heating coil at the center of the cartridge.

5.Screw the cartridge in to your vaporizer. Do not attach the mouth tip. On your Vaporizer’s lowest heat setting push the button for 3 seconds. You should see the oil bubble up around the heating coil. If the coil doesn’t heat up contact us at support@gentlemansvapes.com.


6. Collect 0.5g - 1.0g of oil on your filling tool. Slowly heat the oil with a lighter until it slides off the fill tool. Try to guide the oil down to the heating element at the bottom of the cartridge. If using waxier product, after priming, you may roll the product between your fingers to form a ball and drop it in the cartridge, making sure it reaches the bottom of the cartridge. For best results try to center the ball to sit on top of the heating element.

7.The cartridge is now ready for vaping. Screw onto your battery and start at the lowest heat setting (red). If airflow cannot be achieved turn the heat setting up to medium (purple). While holding the button, take slow and steady drags. You can release your finger from the button on the battery before the 5 second auto shut off and quickly push it again to get a second and/or
larger hit.


8.You only need to prime your cartridge once. After that you can keep adding oil to it. If you can see the heating element, you should add more oil. Keeping the heating element fully covered in oil, extends the life of your cartridge.

9.When vaping a new cartridge(or one that is cold) inhale slowly until you feel the “pop” of airflow. This prevents oil from being sucked in to the mouth tip.

10. If oil collects on the inside of the cartridge walls, you can use a fill tool to scape the oil down the sides on to the heating element.

11. When hitting the cartridge, once you achieve air flow, the slower you pull the larger hit will be. Taking powerful draws will only cool the heating element down faster. A slow toke will allow the heating element to get to its maximum temperature giving you larger clouds of vapor. So don’t rush it.

12. NEVER leave your filled cartridge lying on its side. Concentrates will slowly move down the side of the cartridge away from the heating element. When your not using it unscrew your cartridge from your battery and keep it in an upright position.